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South London Jobs Fair is back for 2015!

More to come

What SLJF is all about

South London Jobs Fair is a unique initiative offering employment opportunities to job seekers and business opportunities for companies looking to access housing association and local authority contracts.

This initiative is a regeneration partnership between social housing providers and Croydon based social enterprise, 3D Change C.I.C. all of which have one thing in common and that’s a passionate commitment to support our residents to achieve the best they can for themselves and their communities.

We believe that communities can be vibrant and sustainable if there are good employment opportunities and local business is thriving.

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Our Jamie in the office says its too hot to think and too hot to tweet think this is #wednesdaywisdom advice for #jobseekers
4 days ago
Brilliant its #wednesdaywisdom one of our #Southwark #jobseekers got a job @Primark via @LaunchForJobs.. A big fat well done.
4 days ago
Engineering #apprenticeships #jobs opportunity with one of our #suppliers to #RSL. if you live in Southwark register on @LaunchForJobs.
5 days ago

More employers. More jobs. More jobseekers.


Last year saw in excess of 2000 jobseekers, 100s of jobs and nearly 100 employers. 2015 will be bigger than ever.


Find the perfect local candidates to fill your vacancies and have a great time doing it! Don't miss out, reserve your stand now!

Housing sector

Selling to the housing sector gives SMEs the platform to sell their services to Housing Associations and local authorities.

Sponsoring the South London Jobs Fair 2015

Central Heating

Cleaning Services

Electrical Services

Maintenance Services Housing

Pest Control Services

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